Partner with InnovaNet

to drive growth, profitability, and sustainability.

Partner with InnovaNet

to drive growth, profitability, and sustainability.

We measure our performance solely on the basis of your success. Period.

We measure our performance solely on the basis of your success. Period.

What We Do

Implement winning

Develop and implement winning strategies through effective strategic planning.
Achieve operational excellence
Achieve Operational Excellence through Continuous Improvement and training.

Bring out the best
in your people

Get the best out of your people through Organizational and Leadership Development.

Introducing Our New Workshop Offerings

Attend one of our workshops, where you will be instructed by world class experts and learn the right tools to grow and sustain your organization.

Who We Are

Our Name

It’s all about Innovation.

Our name is a word blend of innovation and network. Our passion is to innovate by leveraging a dedicated network of the very best talent available to meet the specific needs that are unique to your organization. We are dedicated to adding unparalleled value and working alongside you to ensure your success. This is the genesis of our name and the essence of what we do.

Innovation is the recognition and development of a concept to meet unfilled needs and leverage new opportunities. We frequently think of innovation as originating with a product idea, but innovation also occurs across all aspects of an organization. This includes its people, its processes, its infrastructure and its strategies.

Innovation only truly exists when value is provided at a price you are willing to pay for and yields a solution that fulfills your goals and objectives. Innovation only works for you if you perceive and receive sufficient value.

Our History

Our roots go back to 1999 with the establishment of Criterion LLC, our predecessor company. Criterion was founded on the vision of providing unparalleled value by tailoring expert resources and solutions to each client’s unique needs, as opposed to force fitting standard methodologies using a fixed bench of consultants. Bottom line … one size does not fit all.

After almost two decades, InnovaNet continues to fulfill that vision, one client at a time.

Why We’re Different

We are willing to put our fees at risk on improvement projects.

Our practitioners work alongside you, end-to-end, to deliver results.

Years of hands-on experience.

No personnel “bait and switch”.

We have the rigor of big practices but without a “cookie cutter” approach.

We do not have a “fixed bench” that we have to keep billable.

We collaborate with you on scope & proposal development.

How You Benefit

You pay based on measurable outcomes.

No fancy reports that sit on a shelf.

Results are measurable.

You know the experienced team you’re working with from start to finish.

You benefit from expertise uniquely tailored to your specific needs.

You get the best talent available. Period.

No surprises. You know exactly what to expect.

Hire us only if we demonstrate value in our offerings.
We measure our performance solely on the basis of your success. Period.

What Our Clients Say

“InnovaNet has been vital in helping us take our ideas and turn them into marketable products. Their wide range of product specialists have helped us from the brainstorming phase all the way through production and testing. We consider them a key part of our team.”


Brian Karmie


“Every time I talk with InnovaNet I’m impressed with their integrity, knowledge, and professionalism. I think of them as an extension of my team. In each case, my investment with InnovaNet was paid back within months by gaining new business as a direct result of the work they did for me.”




Rob Clayton


“The InnovaNet Group’s effort established a solid foundation for modernization of Manhattan Project-era infrastructure in support of the conduct of world class research. Their extensive experience in the areas of Lean implementation, manufacturing and warehouse facility design, plant relocation and operations assessment/improvement brought laser-like focus to the current state analyses of our support services. It was a pleasure to work with people that bring such an exceptional degree of competence, engagement and quality to the task at hand.”



Courtney Manrod

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

“When we worked with the InnovaNet Group on our internal audit for ISO 9001, they were able to give us a well-informed outside perspective. Their insight proved to be very helpful and has allowed us to make continuous improvement. They were a great company to work with.”




Michelle Turner

Belden Americas Group

In the News
Synthetic Turf Council Presentation by InnovaNet

Synthetic Turf Council Presentation by InnovaNet

InnovaNet Founding Partner, Mike Cobb presented “Strategy, Innovation and Leadership” to the Synthetic Turf Council during their recent membership meeting in Nashville.  The Synthetic Turf Council represents companies who consult, design, install, test, maintain and...

Admitting That You Don’t Have the Answers … It’s Not Easy

Admitting That You Don’t Have the Answers … It’s Not Easy

What do you do if you overhear a conversation among strangers that is so egregious, that runs counter to your fundamental principles, that you have to speak up and say, “wait a minute … that’s not right”? However, you dare not do so lest you be accused of meddling in...

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