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Lean Bootcamp with Lean Certification

Atlanta, Georgia March 19-21, 2018 or On-site at employer

Learn the Lean tools and techniques and learn how to integrate them with hands on exercises by our world class instructors. As a lean champion and certified lean practitioner, you will save time and money by creating long term sustainable results.

We also offer an on-site at employer independent workshop for those who cannot make the event in March. A minimum of 8 participants per location is required.

Total Productive Maintenance Workshop

Format: Tampa, Florida May 10-11, 2018

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a systematic approach to improving equipment and machinery through the team and shop floor based initiatives focused on optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing equipment. TPM will enable organizations to reduce costs and labor hours along with excess inventory. This workshop comes complete with a TPM implementation guide, a Shingo nominated book on TPM and real life TPM implementation specialists to train you and continue to support you afterwards through your TPM journey.

Change Management

Format: On-site at employer

Change starts with a good reason and it succeeds by taking on urgency. Without a customer, we have no business. If the customer changes, then we have to change or go out of business.

This workshop will work through understanding change, change management techniques and tools, the stages of organizational development, the congruence model of organizational behavior, transformational leadership and the individual and the organization.

Lean for Discrete Manufacturing Workshop

Format: 5-Hour Workshop at your facility or in our Atlanta Training Room

The Lean and Agile Manufacturing Workshop is an excellent way to learn the difference between a “Push and Pull” manufacturing environment. This seminar will allow you to apply lean production methods into a practical, hands-on simulation. As a participant, you are able to observe the interactions of a virtual factory from a working perspective.

Lean for Continuous Process Industries Workshop

Format: 5-Hour Workshop at your facility or in our Atlanta Training Room

This workshop goes beyond teaching Lean tools and techniques to provide participants with the knowledge they need to implement lean in a continuous process manufacturing environment.

Hoshin Planning

Format: On-site at employer

The objective of a Hoshin planning workshop is to illustrate techniques that cascade down the strategic long-term vision of the organization to prioritize the continuous improvement efforts. The primary audience for this workshop is mid to upper level managers, lean champions, six sigma black belts and master black belts. This course is not industry specific and therefore applies to manufacturing, healthcare, government, IT and service organizations. This will help teams determine the strategic goals of the organization.

Six Sigma Certifications

Format: Web Based Program, Self Paced, accredited certification included after passing exam

Six Sigma is one of the most famous certifications to reduce variation, elminiate waste and listen to the voice of the customer. Through the five phased approach of D.M.A.I.C, proven tools and analytical techniques are taught to save companies money. This course comes with an accredited certification in Six Sigma along with a “Forever Acccess” policy to all of the training materials.

Design for Six Sigma Certifications

Format: On-site employer

Design for Six Sigma is an effective strategy just like Six Sigma, except this time for a new product or service. We begin with a discussion on the challenges you will face during product and process design. We will continue that conversation and categorize the Six Sigma concepts as they apply to DFSS (Design for Six Sigma). We then expand on the methods used in DFSS, including DMADV ( Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify) and IDDOV (Identify, Design, Develop, Optimize, and Verify). Because a successful project requires a strong project manager, we place special emphasis on defining scope, scheduling, key project management tools, and closing out a project.

Lean System Deployment

Format: On-site employer

Starting a Lean initiative is not an easy task! Having a comprehensive deployment plan will enable you to have a lean culture that is centered around the structural and cultural elements, the operating system and the lean tools. This implementation guide will create a lean culture from the ground up while gaining buy in from key stakeholders and being able to sustain results.

Coaching & Mentoring Skills

Format: On-site employer

Reliability Based Leadership teaches us how to identify, measure, and reinforce critical behaviors needed to achieve an organization’s goals, and promote an environment of measured risk taking, trust, and mutual respect.

Lean for Manager’s Seminar

Format: On-site employer

The workshop combines lecture with our hands-on Lean Manufacturing Model to learn the tools and techniques needed by senior level managers to champion and support successful Lean transformation initiatives. This workshop provides high level Lean Manufacturing familiarization and outlines proven alignment and methodology for initiating and sustaining enterprise-wide Lean Transformation initiatives while avoiding the pitfalls that have caused more than 50% of Lean transformations to fail.

Sustainability Utilizing Lean Six Sigma Techniques

Format: Web Based Program

The main purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate how implementing lean six sigma could help companies move towards a sustainable path and explain the strong connection between lean and sustainability principles in theory and practice. By attending this workshop, the audiences will learn how they could execute lean six sigma aligned with sustainability principles.

Business Model Canvas

Format: On-site at employer

Traditional strategic planning methods have proven to be ineffective in today’s business environment. What’s needed are alternative approaches that are simple, agile, non-linear, closely coordinated with feedback from buying customers, top-down led but implemented from the bottom up. The Business Model Canvas is a proven alternative approach to developing and implementing successful strategies in an environment of continuous improvement. This workshop guides you through the use of the Business Model Canvas in a highly experiential, hands-on learning environment.

Blue Ocean vs Red Ocean strategies

Format: On-site at employer

In today’s highly competitive environment, differentiation against your competition in existing markets (Red Oceans) is often not enough. A key to sustainable business growth is the reconstruction of market boundaries and the creation of uncontested market space and new, untapped markets, in order to make the competition irrelevant (Blue Oceans). This workshop guides you through the development and implementation of the Strategy Canvas as a way to implement effective Blue Ocean strategies.

Developing Level 5 leaders

Format: On-site at employer

What makes great leaders great? How can you personally achieve greatness as a leader? What are the basic qualities of Level 5 Leaders? Can they be learned or are they innate? This workshop will guide provide you with critical insights and resources necessary to become a Level 5 Leader in your organization, using principles of cognitive psychology and personal development in a highly interactive, hands-on environment.

Comments from Past Workshop Participants

“Tina is an exceptional instructor. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in the Lean Six Sigma field, but her practical experience combined with her passion and dedication towards her students are a guarantee that you get the most value out of her lectures. She ensures she caters to individual needs and interests, makes herself available after class hours and I don’t recall an example where Tina didn’t go above and beyond, following up to ensure the students understand the concepts taught while providing practical examples and emphasizing practical applicability. She ensures she is also providing reference materials for those who want to dive deeper into certain concepts and she encourages group discussions and asks thought provoking questions related to the new concepts introduced. I would be delighted to take any future classes taught by Tina!”

Alexandra Hotaran
October 17, 2017, Alexandra was a student for Tina for multiple courses at Villanova University

“I know Tina in a capacity of my instructor during Six Sigma Green Belt program offered by Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers at Texas Tech University. It was a great learning experience. She shared her journey from an Industrial Engineer towards being an established Six Sigma professional which will always inspire me. She has worked on an extensive range of projects in the field of continuous improvement. She effectively related her experience while teaching Six Sigma Methodology to students with diverse academic backgrounds. Real life project practices shared by her were beneficial to understand why we are learning these tools. She has the passion for continuous improvement of a manufacturing facility from safety, efficiency, and ergonomic aspects. Tina is an excellent presenter, teacher, and Six Sigma professional, and I wish her all the best for her professional endeavors.”

Shantanu Patil
November 2, 2017, Shantanu was a student for Tina at Texas Tech University for a Six Sigma Green Belt

“Overall, my experience taking the 6 Sigma Green belt class with Mrs. Agustiady was FANTASTIC. Before going into class, I thought that I would be stressful and complicated; however, the way the instructor presented the information was relatable, dynamic and direct. I am convicted that this was a great investment because 6 Sigma opens up a door of opportunities. The highlight of the course, in my opinion, was Mrs. Agustiady saying how much you could earn by being an IE with a 6 Sigma certification. I will DEFINITELY recommend my IE friends to take this course.”

Brian A. Trujillo
November 2, 2017, Brian was a student for Tina at Texas Tech University for a Six Sigma Green Belt

“I have taken two of Tina’s courses on Lean Six Sigma topics and would highly recommend her. She is a very attentive professor even through the classes are online. She provides countless resource articles, examples, and books every week. She is happy to answer questions and provide more detail on topics the class is struggling with. She knows her stuff!”

Jordan Green
October 31, 2017, Jordan was a student for Tina for multiple courses at Villanova University

“Tina was a crucial part in my ability to obtain a Six Sigma Green Belt in that her teaching method was impeccable. She has a winning personality that makes learning that much easier. Her intelligence in the subject matter of Six Sigma is impressive and astounding.”

Kalyani Srimatkandada
April 21, 2013, Kalyani studied with Tina at Clemson University

“The most significant detail that I came away with from the Supply Chain Logistics Simulation Model workshop is how the application of Lean can be extended across the supply chain.”

Jose Aponte
Yahama Motor Manufacturing

“The concepts were easy to catch onto with the Simulation Model Workshop.
The level of detail was “Great” I like how the Simulation Model is close a real life situation.”

Yann de la Fouchardiere
Johnson & Johnson

“The visual aids of the Supply Chain workshop were great. I especially like the quick feedback on the financial results. I now have a better understanding of how paramount communication issues are to success in the supply chain – information flow is critical.”

Dave Forbes
Cryovac/Sealed Air

“One thing that I never considered was, although your company might reduce or push its inventory to their suppliers it’s not really a reduction in inventory over the supply chain as a whole. I love the hands-on interaction and how the financials differed depending on how you ran the operation.”

Nancy Coe

“This is an outstanding workshop; you have given us the ability to view a working Supply Chain from front to end. I was able to get away from looking at everything within a “Silo” and see the net gains as a whole and not just in separate entities. The hands-on approach gave the ability to actually see changes and variance. This provides for a lasting impact.”

Doug Devers
UPS Logistics

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