Total Productive Maintenance


Format: On-site at employer

A systematic approach to improving production and quality systems, total productive maintenance (TPM) involves all employees through a moderate investment in maintenance. Therefore, a successful TPM implementation requires support of all employees from C-level on down.

This TPM workshop will serve as an implementation guide with a free copy of Total Productive Maintenance: Strategies and Implementation Guide. This workshop highlights the importance of effective communication on all levels to successful TPM implementation. It also discusses the role of the right set of tools from the right perspective—and demonstrates how to obtain a healthy balance of both.

A major highlight of the workshop is the inclusion of case studies and applications of TPM that have shown significant improvement in meeting customer requirements and reducing downtime of processes. These in-depth descriptions demonstrate how to successfully apply TPM based on real-world projects from a wide variety of processes. They provide hands-on experience—an invaluable resource when instructing the use of methods and tools in training or in a classroom. And, these case studies give you detailed step-by-step approaches to TPM integration with clear direction from project infancy to completion.

Workshop Deliverables and Benefits:

• A holistic approach to equipment maintenance that strives to achieve perfect production.
• Getting operators involved in maintaining their own equipment, and emphasizing proactive and preventive maintenance will lay a foundation for improved production.
• Fewer breakdowns, stops, and defects.
• Sharpens employee equipment related knowledge and skills.
• Improves internal communications.
• Provides a basis for training and team unity.
• Establishes an equipment base line.
• Allows easy audit and diagnosis.
• Controls process and equipment variability.

TPM Overview:

• The Role of Maintenance in TPM
• TPM Process – Eight Pillars
• Enterprise TPM
• Six Major Losses
• Metrics
• Maintenance Effectiveness
• Improvement Plans
• TPM Implementation Steps
• TPM Case Study

On-site at employer:
$1295/person, minimum of 8 per location

Additional notes:
This workshop comes complete with a TPM implementation guide, a Shingo nominated book on TPM and real life TPM implementation specialists to train you and continue to support you afterwards through your TPM journey.

Workshop Instructors:

Tina Agustiady
Don Larsen

Total Productive Maintenance Workshop


On-site at employer
Minimum of 8 per location

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