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The most successful innovators understand the market and practice disciplined innovation processes. The purpose of a Product Development process is the disciplined transformation an idea into a valued product.

Concept Development includes the initial transformation of an idea into a concept. It is frequently referred to the “fuzzy front end” of product development because it is iterative and non-linear. The goal is to generate a proof of concept.

Product Development includes the development of a prototype, scale up and commercialization of a product. It is linear and focused. The goal is to commercialize a product.

The entire New Product development process should be tailored to fit the organization. We can work with an organization to design a stage-gated process that meets their business and organizational needs. At the same time we can provide hands-on assistance in implementation and execution.

Capabilities Include:

  • Innovation strategy
  • Design and implementation of a stage gate process
  • Hands-on concept development
  • Hands-on product development
  • Intellectual property strategy development

Additional Capabilities:

  • Technical problem resolution
  • Assistance with writing and filing provisional patents and/or applications
  • Design of experiments – training and/or execution
  • Process design and statistical process control
Ask About Six Sigma

InnovaNet has a well-defined Product and Materials Innovation Platform that has helped companies with complete market analysis, concept development and generation, product development, materials development, and market development.

Tina Agustiady, an InnovaNet Partner, has written a book on Design for Six Sigma.

The book has been adopted as the textbook by Villanova University, James Madison University, and Missouri University of Science and Technology, among others. Villanova built their Design for Six Sigma course tailored to the book content and worked directly with the authors for the course design. Villanova requires each of the students to use the book as their textbook while also utilizing the case studies as part of their project curriculum. The course has been in place since June 2016 and has had a steady influx of students each month.


“”Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) enables organizations to develop innovative designs and this publication distinctly and skillfully provides solutions when deciding on which development tool to use and when to use them. This work is a comprehensive compilation of topics relevant to design and design optimization and models exceptional groundwork for DFSS ventures. The text is easy to read and understand and contains many examples while examining robust designs, voice of the customer, process capability, and sustainability. Congratulations to the authors for their excellent work on the science of Design for Six Sigma.”

Michael Teegardin

Senior Business Consultant, NOVACES

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