Lean System Deployment


Format: On-site at employer

This workshop will be an implementation guide of creating a Lean culture from the ground up while gaining buy in from key stakeholders and being able to sustain the results. Everyone talks about implementing a Lean culture, but only provide Lean tools for the implementation. This workshop will discuss implementing the entire system from three main aspects:

• The People (Structural and Cultural)
• The Operating System
• The Tools
• The implementation guide will have a full set of case studies to show real life implementations
• This workshop discusses Lean Leadership and ensuring this lean journey does not fail through accountability, standardized work and structured meetings with outcomes.
• This workshop is for individuals in manufacturing, services, IT, government, finance and healthcare. The workshop includes the implementation of empowering employees to want to build a lean culture.


Workshop Deliverables and Benefits:

• Building of metrics
• Implementation Guide for Lean Deployment Structure
• Hoshin Planning
• Organization Structure Build (Span of Control)
• CI Tools and Problem Solving Methodology
• Maturity Assessment
• Coaching Modules
• Training for Leadership Team

Implementation of a lean culture from the ground up utilizing standardized work, accountability, and technological advances. The implementation guide will build:

• The structure for the organization
• The Operating System for the facility
• The Continuous Improvement Tools and Problem Solving Methodology including templates
• A maturity assessment build specifically for the site for Phases 1-5

On-site at employer

Rates starting at $5000/week

Workshop Instructors:

Tina Agustiady

Total Productive Maintenance Workshop


On-site at employer
Minimum of 8 per location

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