Lean for Continuous Process Industries Workshop

Format: 5-Hour Workshop at your facility or in our Atlanta Training Room

The purpose of Consumer Products Manufacturing Simulation Model is to illustrate the concepts of lean and agile manufacturing techniques related to consumer industries for pharmaceuticals, foods, heath care, etc. A “Live” working factory model, complete with tools, equipment, components and department functions, will contrast the styles between a typical “mass production” plant and that of a “lean” production plant. Within the context of this demonstration, manufacturing styles such as lean production and Automated Cellular Manufacturing will be discussed and demonstrated.

Workshop Deliverables and Benefits:

The workshop combines traditional classroom training with a hands-on model that realistically . Participants operate a mini-factory in the training room to produce a variety of products to order. Functions include receiving, warehousing, pre-weigh, processing, filling, packaging, quality, shipping, and distribution in a miniature manufacturing plant model, complete with equipment, storage devices, material handling devices, tooling and materials producing a variety of products.

They begin by operating the factory in in a traditional MRP based scheduling mode and then implement lean tools and techniques before operating the factory again. Differences in inventory levels, productivity and lead times are compared and a sophisticated financial model shows the bottom line impacts that result after the Lean transformation.

Lean for Continuous Process Industries Workshop Overview:

• Reducing work in process inventories
• Reducing total manufacturing cost
• Minimizing paper work on the factory floor
• Increasing productivity
• Reducing scrap and rework
• Reducing material handling and storage
• Reducing cycle times
• Customer satisfaction and demand


5-Hour Wrokshop at your facility or in our Atlanta Training Room


$250 per person, minimum of 15 participants

Workshop Instructors:

Denny Stamm
Don Larsen

Lean for Continuous Process Industries Workshop


5-Hour Workshop at your facility or in our Atlanta Training Room
Minimum of 15 participants

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