Lean Bootcamp With Lean Certification


Atlanta, GA
March 19-21, 2018


Lean Bootcamp with Lean Certification

Format: Georgia International Convention Center (GICC) or on-site at employer

A Lean Operation is efficient and optimal in inventory, labor, costs, and time. Learn how to use the tools necessary to remove wasteful activities, improve operations, problem solve and sustain your gains through this Lean Bootcamp. You will receive a solid grasp of all Lean methodologies through this accredited Lean Certification with assistance during and after from World Class instructors.

Workshop Deliverables and Benefits:

• Solid grasp of lean deliverables and tools along with
understanding how to implement lean.
• Hands on experience with real life examples.
• Lean Certification.
• Implementation Guide and Assistance with onsite requirements.
• 24 hours of in depth lean training.
• Ongoing Guidance and Mentoring with follow up project.
• Company Branded Materials.

Lean Bootcamp With Certification Overview:

• Day 1: Lean tools and techniques, Simulation, Value Stream
Mapping, Continuous Flow, Waste Elimination and Finding
• Day 2: Kaizen Implementation, Theory of Constraints, Visual
Management, Root Cause Analysis, Cellular Manufacturing
• Day 3: Jidoka, Pull Systems, SMED, Total Productive Maintenance

On-site at employer

$1295/person, minimum of 8 per location for on-site at employer format.
March 19-21, 2018: $1795/person, 10% discount for 2 or more, 20% discount for 5 or more

Workshop Instructors:

Tina Agustiady

Lean Bootcamp with Lean Certification

When: March 19-21, 2018

Price: $1795/person, 10% discount for 2 or more, 20% discount for 5 or more

Location: Georgia International Convention Center (GICC)

If you cannot make it to our workshop event in March, then please book us for an independent workshop for you and your team.

On-site at employer
$1295/person, minimum of 8 per location


“Overall, my experience taking the 6 Sigma Green belt class with Mrs. Agustiady was FANTASTIC. Before going into class, I thought that I would be stressful and complicated; however, the way the instructor presented the information was relatable, dynamic and direct. I am convicted that this was a great investment because 6 Sigma opens up a door of opportunities. The highlight of the course, in my opinion, was Mrs. Agustiady saying how much you could earn by being an IE with a 6 Sigma certification. I will DEFINITELY recommend my IE friends to take this course.”

Brian A. Trujillo
November 2, 2017, Brian was a student for Tina at Texas Tech University for a Six Sigma Green Belt

“I know Tina in a capacity of my instructor during Six Sigma Green Belt program offered by Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers at Texas Tech University. It was a great learning experience. She shared her journey from an Industrial Engineer towards being an established Six Sigma professional which will always inspire me. She has worked on an extensive range of projects in the field of continuous improvement. She effectively related her experience while teaching Six Sigma Methodology to students with diverse academic backgrounds. Real life project practices shared by her were beneficial to understand why we are learning these tools. She has the passion for continuous improvement of a manufacturing facility from safety, efficiency, and ergonomic aspects. Tina is an excellent presenter, teacher, and Six Sigma professional, and I wish her all the best for her professional endeavors.”

Shantanu Patil
November 2, 2017, Shantanu was a student for Tina at Texas Tech University for a Six Sigma Green Belt

“Tina is an exceptional instructor. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in the Lean Six Sigma field, but her practical experience combined with her passion and dedication towards her students are a guarantee that you get the most value out of her lectures. She ensures she caters to individual needs and interests, makes herself available after class hours and I don’t recall an example where Tina didn’t go above and beyond, following up to ensure the students understand the concepts taught while providing practical examples and emphasizing practical applicability. She ensures she is also providing reference materials for those who want to dive deeper into certain concepts and she encourages group discussions and asks thought provoking questions related to the new concepts introduced. I would be delighted to take any future classes taught by Tina!”

Alexandra Hotaran
October 17, 2017, Alexandra was a student for Tina for multiple courses at Villanova University

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