Did you know that manufacturing across the United States is in the beginning of a growing resurgence?  Manufacturing Revival Radio  interviewed InnovaNet Group CEO Mike Cobb about why right now is the best time for manufacturers to begin preparing for the future. During the broadcast, Mike discussed the following points:

  • Why the timing of this resurgence is so critical and the factors that will play a role in ensuring that it flourishes.
  • There is the political gamesmanship of “Made in the USA” versus the reality that reshoring and production within our own borders is actually a good business decision. How to tell the difference…
  • What role does technology play in equalizing labor cost in a global economy?
  • Is “retraining the workforce” really going to help solve the current skilled labor gap?
  • The importance of restructuring tax laws to heavily incentivize investment in companies that make products in the U.S.

The interview aired on September 27, and you can listen to the segment now at http://manufacturing-revival.com/mike-cobb/. Manufacturing Revival Radio features the companies, leaders and innovators blazing a new path in the American and global economy. To learn more about how the InnovaNet Group can help your company capitalize on the resurgence of manufacturing, contact us now.

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