Foundational Strategic Elements

Vision and Mission Development

  • Identifying the “What, Why and Who” foundational elements of a winning business strategy
  • Establishing the aspirational vision for success

Market Research

  • Customer-facing research and buyer personas
  • Primary and secondary market research
  • Sector/segment analysis
  • Demographic assessments and trend analyses
  • Multi-criteria analysis

Situation Analysis

  • Internal, macroenvironmental and microenvironmental
  • Five Forces

Business Model Framework

Customer Segments

  • For whom is value created?
  • Who/what are your most important customers/segments?

Customer Relations

  • What kinds of relationships are expected by each segment?
  • How are they integrated holistically?


  • Through which channels should you reach our target segments?
  • How are they integrated holistically?

Value Propositions

  • What value do you deliver to your customers?
  • How are you meeting their needs and uniquely solving their problems?
  • How and why are you different?
  • What is your competitive advantage over others (defined in the context of value to your customers) and how do you leverage that advantage?

Key Activities

  • What key activities do your Value Propositions require?
  • How do these activities articulate with your Channels, Partners, Customer Relationships and Revenue Streams?

Key Resources

  • What key resources do your Value Propositions require?

Key Partners

  • Who are our key partners, how do you interact with them, what activities do they perform, and what resources to they provide?

Cost Structure

  • What are the inherent costs of the business? What is the cost vs value?

Revenue Streams

  • What is the customer willing to pay for value delivered?
  • How much does each revenue stream contribute to overall revenue?

Strategic Alignment and Implementation

Strategic Alignment

  • Activity System Mapping
  • Strategic Fit
  • Enterprise-wide alignment of activities, people, partnerships  and key resources
  • Blue Ocean concepts fully aligned with overall strategy

Financial Analysis

  • Economic forecasting and modeling
  • Scenario, Sensitivity and Risk analysis
  • Comparative Return on Investment analyses
  • Development of comprehensive financial plans and budgets


  • End-to-end project plans
  • Establishment of performance objectives, schedules and timelines, interdependencies, resource commitments, metrics, accountabilities, consequences and countermeasures

Mergers & Acquisitions Practices

We will walk you through every step of the M&A practice process, from planning through implementation. Contact us so we can help you achieve success.

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