Hoshin Planning

Format: On-site at employer

Hoshin Kanri offers an effective way to tie the long-term strategy of the organization
to process improvement efforts. Typically, organizations select their
kaizen events and process improvement projects on the basis of where they currently
feel pain. This is refered to as “whack-a-mole kaizen.” If they had a recent rash
of external defects, they might decide to initiate a Six Sigma project as a corrective
action response to the customer. Significant time and money is involved in
running a Six Sigma project and it may not be the best tool. In addition, although
this is currently where the company is feeling the pain, it may not be the true
highest priority project in looking at the big picture. What is needed is a systems approach that focuses on the long-term vision and strategy of the organization. The objective of a Hoshin planning workshop is to illustrate techniques that cascade down the strategic long-term vision of the organization to prioritize the continuous improvement efforts.

Workshop Deliverables and Benefits:


• To understand the basics and background of Hoshin Planning.
• To be able to define a vision, mission, strategy and Hoshin Plans in a structured way.
• Fewer breakdowns, stops, and defects.
• To be able to deploy and manage a Hoshin Plan in a structured way.
• Policy Deployment.
• Catchball Theory.
• Implementing a Hoshin system.

Hoshin Planning Overview:

• Explanation of Hoshin
• What “bothers” us?
• Back to the Future
• Strategies and Objectives
• Vision and Mission
• SWOT analysis
• Strategic Planning
• Strategic Objectives and KPI’s
• Consolidated metrics

On-site at employer:

$1295/person, minimum of 8 per location

Additional notes:

This workshop comes complete with a Hoshin implementation guide, a book on Hoshin with a cd of tools, templates and case studies along with real life Hoshin implementation specialists to train you and continue to support you afterwards through your Hoshin journey.

Workshop Instructors:

Tina Agustiady

Hoshin Planning  Workshop


On-site at employer
Minimum of 8 per location

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