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From idea generation to commercialization, we see innovation as a continuum of disciplined business methodologies. Many believe that innovation begins with an idea. We have learned that innovation is most effective when it begins with a market need or opportunity. A good understanding and assessment of the opportunity is a critical first step in successful concept development.

The next step is concept identification. We use a process that we call Rapid Concept Selection, a proven methodology that we have developed and refined over 20 years. Working with a small team we characterize the market opportunity then use a brainstorming process to identify ideas. Ideas are developed into specific concepts that are quickly evaluated to select the top two or three concepts for development. This is a very effective process that energizes a team and focuses activity to respond to a specific market opportunity. It can be accomplished in as few as 1 to 3 days. Frequently the concepts are patentable.

The Rapid Concept Selection Process can be tailored to meet specific organizational, business and market needs.

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