Coaching & Mentoring Skills

Format: On-site at your location

1-Day Workshop to Teach Reliability Based Leadership

– Reliability Based Leadership is a customized form of applied behavioral science.
– Reliability Based Leadership is the process of selecting, defining, and communicating behavior we want to use.

Workshop Deliverables and Benefits:


• Learn the relationship of Strategy, Processes, and Culture in producing Results
• Fewer breakdowns, stops, and defects.
• How to produce sustainable Superior Performance.
• Linking Target Results and Desired Behaviors.

Coaching/Mentoring Skills Overview:

The Essence of Reliability Based Leadership – What is it?

• Major Components
• DCOM Model – Direction-Competence-Opportunity-Motivation
• ABC’s – Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence

Why Reliability Based Leadership?

• Outcomes
• Key Steps

On-site at your location

1,000, person, minimum of 6 participants required

Workshop Instructors:

Denny Stamm
Don Larsen

Coaching & Mentoring Skills


On-site at your location
Minimum of 6 participants required

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