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We can help organizations in any life cycle make their business better. Our team has extensive expertise with small and medium-sized companies that range from start-ups to $500 million entities. We have also helped many large corporations, universities and government agencies.

What Our Clients Say

“InnovaNet has been vital in helping us take our ideas and turn them into marketable products.  Their wide range of product specialists have helped us from the brainstorming phase all the way through production and testing.  We consider them a key part of our team.”

Brian Karmie


“The InnovaNet Group’s effort established a solid foundation for modernization of Manhattan Project-era infrastructure in support of the conduct of world class research.  Their extensive experience in the areas of Lean implementation, manufacturing and warehouse facility design, plant relocation and operations assessment/improvement brought laser-like focus to the current state analyses of our support services. It was a pleasure to work with people that bring such an exceptional degree of competence, engagement and quality to the task at hand.”

Courtney Manrod

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

“Every time I talk with InnovaNet I’m impressed with their integrity, knowledge, and professionalism. I think of them as an extension of my team. In each case, my investment with InnovaNet was paid back within months by gaining new business as a direct result of the work they did for me.”

Rob Clayton


“When we worked with the InnovaNet Group on our internal audit for ISO 9001, they were able to give us a well-informed outside perspective. Their insight proved to be very helpful and has allowed us to make continuous improvement. They were a great company to work with.”

Michelle Turner

Belden Americas Group

Where We Have Worked

Our clients are located around the world.

International Locations


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dubai, United Arab
Emirates Mumbai, India
Hong Kong, China
Tokyo, Japan
Osaka, Japan
Seoul, South Korea
Taipei, Taiwan
Jakarta, Indonesia
Bangkok, Thailand
Shanghai, China
Beijing, China
Lioning, China


Rio de Janerio, Brazil
Monterray, Mexico
Santiago, Chile
Bogota, Colombia
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Caracas, Venezuela


London, England
Nicosia, Cyprus
Brighton, England
Frankfurt, Germany
Aachen, Germany
Dusseldorf, Germany
Hanover, Germany
Bern, Switzerland
Munich, Germany
Zurich, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland
Minsk, Belarus
Linz, Austria
Ultrecht, Netherlands
Brussels, Belgium
Lille, France
Zwolle, Netherlands


Mexico City, Mexico
Toronto, Canada
Mississauga, Canada


Sydney, Australia
Melbourne, Australia

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