Change Management

Format: On-site at employer

Preparing for change in this fast changing and dynamic world has enormous benefits. Change normally fails due to human factors versus technical factors. The change model includes change work through the following:

• Leading Change Creating a shared need
• Shaping a vision
• Mobilizing commitment
• Making change last
• Monitoring progress Systems and structures

Fluid strategies reflecting today’s dynamic business conditions can make communicating business objectives difficult. Change starts with a good reason and it succeeds by taking on urgency. Without a customer, we have no business. If the customer changes, then we have to change or go out of business.

This workshop will work through understanding change, change management techniques and tools, the stages of organizational development, the congruence model of organizational behavior, transformation leadership and the individual and the organization.


Workshop Deliverables and Benefits:

• Making sure the entire organization is prepared to embrace change.
• Discussion of the Quality of the Idea + The Acceptance of the Idea = The Effectiveness of the Idea.
• A Model for Overcoming Resistance to Change.
• Change Management Competencies.
• The Change Journey.

TPM Overview:

• Understanding Change
• Change Management
• The Stages of Organizational Development
• Congruence Model of Organizational Behavior
• Transformational Leadership
• The Individual and the Organization

On-site at employer

$895/person, minimum of 4 per location

Additional notes:
This workshop comes complete with a Change Management implementation guide, templates and case studies along with real life Change Management implementation specialists to train you and continue to support you afterwards through your Change Management journey.

Workshop Instructors:

Tina Agustiady

Change Management


On-site at employer
Minimum of 4 per location

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