Develop Level 5 Leaders

Coaching and mentoring

Self-assessment / developing a personal balance sheet

  • Psychometric assessments

Cognitive leadership development

  • Understanding self-interest and individual decision drivers

Emotional intelligence / EQ development

Leadership learning path assessments

Leadership skills development and training

Leader/mentor models

Management development programs

Business negotiation workshops

Manage Cultural and Organizational Change

Organizational change training

  • Organizational models of change
  • Congruence organizational behavior model
  • Cultural climate assessments
  • Team assessments and team development
  • Understanding cultural drivers in organizations

Organizational and individual personality assessments

  • Interact inventory and psychometric assessments
  • Organizational transformation and motivation workshops

Managing change by changing minds

  • Mindsets > Perceptions > Behavior > Programs > Outcomes

Align People, Management, Processes and Administrative Systems

Developing and implementing fully-aligned, enterprise-wide accountability systems

  • Individual objectives aligned with enterprise objectives
  • Action plans and programs
  • Performance measurement systems
  • Accountability and reward systems


Developing, implementing and sustaining effective and manageable Balanced Scorecards

Implement Performance Measurement, Accountability and Rewards Protocol

Metrics Development

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Inventory
  • Productivity
  • Change Communication
  • Pitch Tracking

Daily Accountability

  • Escalation Process
  • Action and Discipline
  • Rapid Problem Solving
  • Leader Standard Work
  • Process Confirmations
  • Actions and Suggestions Log
  • Support Planning
  • Rewards Protocol

Document and Implement Standard Work

  • Standard Work Overview
  • Standard Work Assessment
  • Standard Work Documents
  • Standard Work Worksheets
  • Standard Work Step by Step
  • Team Leaders Guide to Standard Work
  • Standard Work Sustainability

Train Your People (Workshops and Coaching)

  • Lean System Deployment
  • Champion and Leadership Training
    • Lean for Manager’s Seminar
    • Coaching Skills
  • Lean Bootcamp (3 or 5 day)
  • cLean Manufacturing
    • Sustainabiity Utilizing Lean Six Sigma Techniques
  • Lean for Discrete Manufacturing Workshop
  • Lean for Continuous Process Industries Workshop
  • Hoshin Planning
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Lean Certifications
  • Six Sigma Certifications
  • Design for Six Sigma Certifications
  • Design for Six Sigma – How to Get Started Implementing the Business Model Canvas as a practical alternative to traditional strategic planning approaches
  • Blue Ocean vs Red Ocean strategies – how to break away from the pack
  • Developing Level 5 leaders in your organization
  • Innovation and risk – creating a working environment that encourages intelligent risk-taking throughout your organization
  • M&A successes and failures – lessons from decades of real-world experience

Mergers & Acquisitions Practices

We will walk you through every step of the M&A practice process, from planning through implementation. Contact us so we can help you achieve success.

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