Blue Ocean vs Red Ocean strategies – how to break away from the pack


Format: Public workshop or on-site at employer

In today’s highly competitive environment, differentiation against your competition in existing markets (Red Oceans) is often not enough. A key to sustainable business growth is the reconstruction of market boundaries and the creation of uncontested market space and new, untapped markets, in order to make the competition irrelevant (Blue Oceans). This workshop guides you through the development and implementation of the Strategy Canvas as a way to implement effective Blue Ocean strategies.

Workshop Deliverables and Benefits:


• Engage in an interactive discussion of Red Oceans vs Blue Oceans.
• Learn the analytical tools and frameworks needed to create Blue Ocean strategies.
• Learn to reconstruct market boundaries through the use of the Strategy Canvas.
• Discuss “real life” strategy canvas examples.
• Create strategy canvases using supplied case studies in breakout groups.
• Present results of breakout sessions and, as a group, process learning and insights from the breakout exercises.
• Develop general takeaways from breakout exercises.
• Discuss opportunities to apply learning in participants’ respective work environments.

Blue Ocean vs Red Ocean strategies Overview:

• Traditional approaches to competitive strategy, principles and practices
• Red Oceans vs Blue Oceans
• Blue Ocean analytical tools and frameworks, including the Strategy Canvas
• Examples of Strategy Canvases from the business world
• Strategy canvas breakout exercises
• Presentations and group discussion of Strategy Canvas results
• Discussion of generalized learning from Strategy Canvas development
• Discussion of opportunities to apply Blue Ocean strategies in participants’ respective businesses

Public workshop or on-site at employer

$895/person, minimum of 8 per workshop, maximum of 16 per workshop

Workshop Instructors:

Mike Cobb

Blue Ocean vs Red Ocean strategies


Public workshop or on-site at employer
Minimum of 8 per location, maximum of 16 per workshop

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