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It’s all about Innovation.

Our name is a word blend of innovation and network. Our passion is to innovate by leveraging a dedicated network of the very best talent available to meet the specific needs that are unique to your organization. We are dedicated to adding unparalleled value and working alongside you to ensure your success. This is the genesis of our name and the essence of what we do.

Innovation is the recognition and development of a concept to meet unfilled needs and leverage new opportunities. We frequently think of innovation as originating with a product idea, but innovation also occurs across all aspects of an organization. This includes its people, its processes, its infrastructure and its strategies.

Innovation only truly exists when value is provided at a price you are willing to pay for and yields a solution that fulfills your goals and objectives. Innovation only works for you if you perceive and receive sufficient value.

Our History


Our roots go back to 1999 with the establishment of Criterion LLC, our predecessor company. Criterion was founded on the vision of providing unparalleled value by tailoring expert resources and solutions to each client’s unique needs, as opposed to force fitting standard methodologies using a fixed bench of consultants. Bottom line … one size does not fit all.

After almost two decades, InnovaNet continues to fulfill that vision, one client at a time.

Our partners lead a team of seasoned advisors who deliver meaningful results with their hands-on approach.

Meet the Partners

Mike Cobb

Mike Cobb

Founding Partner

Mike Cobb is responsible for program management in the areas of strategic planning and leadership development. He has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, business executive and management consultant. His expertise includes executive leadership, strategic planning and execution, change management, operational design and execution, financial analysis and management, business economics, and organizational development and training. He holds BS and PhD degrees from Georgia Tech and financial training from Carnegie Mellon University.

Jay Davis

Jay Davis

Founding Partner

Jay is the Chief Opportunity Officer of InnovaNet.  A creative networker that recognizes unique opportunities, he is responsible for practice growth, business development and marketing activities and customer service. He actively participates in ideation on all client projects. Prior to his current role, Davis served in a similar capacity with InnovaNet Technology Group, the company he founded with Davis Lee. Much of his career has been focused on business development, operations and entrepreneurship. Jay previously worked with commercial real estate investors and has held executive positions with national financial services and insurance companies. He has a BS in Business from Regents University in New York.

Denny Stamm

Denny Stamm

Partner, Director of Industrial Engineering

Denny Stamm is responsible for growing the industrial engineering practice as well as program management in the areas of industrial engineering, production management and manufacturing consulting.  He has over 30 years of experience in business in the areas of process design and improvement, Lean transformation planning and strategic planning.  With a deeply rooted understanding of Lean Sigma principles, his work results in the most efficient and effective use of resources to achieve top- and bottom-line goals.  He has proven capabilities to develop and lead organizations through the entire planning and implementation process from product design through full production ramp.

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